Pure PV Player since 2010

Founded in 2010 by Gérard Chaleyssin and Jean Paul Bousquet, EPC Solaire quickly focused on the photovoltaic market dedicated to industrial application. As a designer and manufacturer of photovoltaic panel fixing processes, after several years of R & D and with strong partnerships with world leaders in the waterproofing of roof terrace buildings, EPC Solaire launched in 2013 the iNovaPV range , Thermally welded supports of photovoltaic panels.

Today the iNovaPV range has been extended with several products perfectly suited to various applications required by project developers:

  • Flat version, to receive the french ISB tariff requested by EDF
  • Tilted version for better production
  • Long rails” version for areas of difficult snow
  • Heat Recovery Version


With its expertise in its market, EPC Solaire offers support on commercial, industrial or collective building projects, from scratch to realization.


The company is currently developing innovative solutions in the field of agriculture, which will offer more value to the end user:

  • Drying with warm air recovered under PV panels
  • Photovoltaic greenhouses efficient in terms of agricultural production