iNovaPV, le procédé de fixation polyvalent pour vos projets les plus exigeants sur toiture terrasse

The iNovaPV (long rail) fastening structure allows fixing of solar panels on flat, bituminous or synthetic roofs, without ballast neither perforation of the waterproofing. The use of 2 sliding rails along the entire length of the panel provides a particularly effective response to the most demanding snow load requirements. The ‘all aluminum’ process in 2mm thickness guarantees a long-lasting resistance to UV and corrosion. The method can be used: On synthetic, PVC or FPO, SIKA On bitumen, SIPLAST.

Another unique feature is that the iNovaPV system comes pre-assembled, resulting in an unprecedented installation speed of 3 to 4 times faster than before. After a very simple layout, it remains only to distribute them on the roof. Once they are dispatched on the roof, iNovapv structures are fixed to the roof via the connecting strips which are thermally welded to the sealing membrane.





  • Uses
  • Advantages
  • Installation
  • Support : Concrete , wood, ribbed steel sheet
  • Membrane : SIPLAST bitumen or SIKA FPO PVC
  • New our renovation projets
  • Up to wind zone 28m/s
  • Can be used on roofs with a slope up to 30%



  • No ballast required
  • No perforation
  • All aluminum process
  • Made in France
  • Excellent load distribution
  • Ready-to-install
  • Thermally welded on PVC SIKA, FPO SIKA, icopal BITUMEN
  • Validated B Roof T3 ‘complete system on Bitumen
  • Ease of handling
  • Easily compensated positioning errors



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